Interpersonal skills for life and ministry

SYIS Online Courses

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Everyone wishes they did it right. For example, you say something that you regret, someone says something to you that you can’t forget, they get offended or you get offended. Sadly, this is the experience of Christ followers everywhere.

SYIS Online is ideal for any Christ follower who wishes to truly become more loving and effective in their relationships with others.

SYIS Online courses are highly interactive. Participants work and practice together in pairs, small groups, and as a whole group. The best methods of adult education are utilized so that maximum learning takes place.

  • Entire SYIS workshop offered as four Online Courses.
  • Course One is the starting place in the sequence and foundational for the other courses. The other three courses may be done in any order following Course One.
  • Each Course includes six weeks of interactive online work and then another six weeks of personalized follow-up coaching.
  • Courses are led by teams of ITP-qualified facilitators.
  • Course size is limited to no more than eight participants to enhance the interactive learning environment.
SYIS Online Outcomes…
The hope is that those participating in SYIS Online will:
  • Experience the work of the Holy Spirit in areas of personal need.
  • Learn in an environment of safety and respect.
  • Identify personal core beliefs held and begin the process of growth in areas of needed change.
  • Practice new skills for more effective relating to others.
  • Initiate personalized steps toward integration of new knowledge, skills and attitudes.
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  • Gain an awareness of common attitudes and actions that harm our relationships.
  • Examine biblical principles for listening well and helping others when they face problems.
  • Process personal attitudes, convictions and core beliefs related to serving others through listening.
  • Practice new and effective listening skills.
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  • Explore biblical principles for building Christian community.
  • Process personal attitudes, convictions and core beliefs.
  • Gain new skills for proactively building community and learn how to lovingly confront the destructive attitudes and behaviors that harm our communities.
  • Learn how to effectively encourage others and help in times of loss.
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  • Gain a biblical perspective on loving confrontation, managing personal conflict and helping others in conflict.
  • Process personal attitudes, convictions and core beliefs related to confronting and managing conflict.
  • Practice confronting others well, how to respond when confronted poorly, managing a personal conflict and ways of helping others in conflict.
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  • Discover biblical principles for long-term fruitfulness and enjoyment in ministry.
  • Process personal attitudes, convictions and core beliefs.
  • Gain skills for effectively managing stress and maintaining balance in life.
  • Build a personal strategy for walking in sexual purity and learn how to help others struggling with sexual temptation.

The price for each online course is $250 USD if paid separately, or a discounted price of $800 USD if payment for all four courses in the series is made in advance.